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Why Choose CBR Power Services?


CBR Power Services was founded in late 2020. We specialise in the installation, commissioning and maintenance of high voltage systems and equipment. Our intent is to identify what our clients actually need, provide extraordinary customer service and competitive pricing.

Making time to identify what individual client’s “value” we can tailor our approach so from the initial consultation through to project close we deliver what matters most, and in doing so finding the balance between cost and outcome.

Managing Director Tony Robinson has worked in the high voltage industry for his entire electrical career serving the high voltage asset owners of Queensland for many of these years. In starting his own business, he hopes he can continue to build on existing client relationships but do so with a “win win” approach with the ultimate goal of building a long lasting, trusting business relationships.

With the intent to “begin as we mean to go on” and understanding very well that good systems allow for better workflows and outcomes we have started with both a workflow management system and an IMS.

Our workflow system allows for a seamless start to finish of all work while reducing hours of mundane paper shuffling, thus allowing to us to spend more time focusing on what matters most, our clients.

ISO certifications not only benefit our business but are an easy way for prospective clients to determine that we are a company that can be trusted to deliver a safe and quality outcome each and every time.


That’s why we have implemented an integrated management system that complies with the requirements of ISO 9001, 45001 and 14001. Achieving full certification in only 9 months. 

Download our full Capability statement here.

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